Martin Eade

A freelance food and travel writer based in Perth, Western Australia. 
Owner of Morsels, one of Perth's most popular food blogs.


The Gascoyne Food Festival Returns in August

Returning this August, the annual Gascoyne Food Festival sees an impressive line-up of Western Australian chefs heading north to celebrate the region's produce. This year's festival will be spread between Carnarvon, Exmouth, Dirk Hartog Island and Mount Augustus. Headline events include an all-star long table lunch on the bank of the Gascoyne River; a barbeque-on-the-beach at the Carnarvon Yacht Club, and the Gascoyne Growers' Market. More adventurous festival-goers can bring their own fo

Toasties of the Town

Toastie. Jaffle. Plain old toasted sandwich. The basic ingredients are the same whatever your preferred style: bread, filling and heat, the latter of which can escape from a toastie but remains treacherously trapped inside a jaffle. It’s a concept Perth has embraced with a growing number of cafes and dedicated vendors playing in this space. Although menus are becoming more creative and complex, simplicity is the key to the toastie’s enduring popularity.
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